Open Day 1st October

As part of the national CSA Network open days, Plotgate CSA will be opening our gates.  Please feel free to drop in/ out of any of the activities below… 10-12am Volunteer Work Task- harvesting the squashes Come and lend a hand bringing in the squashes from the field to the greenhouse. 11am- Farm Tour 1 […]

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First veg boxes are out!

We opened at 2pm on Friday for people to collect their veg shares from the Barton Inn skittle alley- what a great space to be able to use- many thanks to Sharon and John at The Barton Inn.  Our first customers of the day were banging on the door at 1.45pm, and at 2pm sharp […]

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Let the vegetables begin!

We will begin supplying vegetable boxes from 24th June, 2016- Hooray! Boxes: We will start by offering our standard box only which is home to an average of 8 different types of veg- at very lean times this may drop, and you will also share in the abundance of the seasonal gluts!  We will monitor […]

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Share Offer Success!

Our Community Share Offer has raised a whopping £25,000- that’s the maximum investment we sought, and not the result we were expecting earlier in the week!  Thanks for being part of a very successful Community Share Offer that is a massive boost, and show of support to Plotgate CSA in its beginnings.  We feel it […]

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Plotgate CSA community share offer will close on the 12th of May, however our Crowdfunder is open until 5pm on the 20th May. Crowdfunding is simple; you pledge £10, £20 or £50 and we offer “rewards” in exchange.  These include a veg box voucher, membership to Plotgate CSA for one year (and access to […]

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