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Plotgate Community Farm is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture project) offering weekly or fortnightly, seasonal vegetable boxes to members, as well as encouraging participation, feasting, skill building and a deepening awareness of food growing and agroecology.

CSA land panorama

Having access to a farm and knowing exactly where your food is coming from is, we believe, a rare and wonderful thing!

We aim to produce truly sustainable food that is local, freshly harvested, is grown with low carbon inputs and lots of people, is naturally grown and is delivered through a system that minimises waste (i.e. to subscribing members via veg share boxes),  It’s very simple really…

The backbone of Plotgate Community Farm is the supply of regular veg boxes (harvest shares) provided to subscribing members.

What’s in the harvest share boxes?Veg box june16

Most simply, a wonderful, seasonal share of our harvest.  We try to maintain this at a minimum of 8 different items each week, and during the winter months we do currently buy in additional veg from Organic certified, Somerset farms, to supplement our stores.  In the summer months, you will experience the seasonal gluts with us and veg shares become abundant.

We offer a “swaps box” at collection points so you can exchange unwanted veg.

How are the vegetables grown?

farmerWe do not use chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or anything of a nasty nature, and we use either Organic certified or locally sourced inputs (seeds, manure etc.)  Our gates are open and we are always happy to discuss production, aiming to be as transparent as possible.  The veg gardens are hand cultivated, with minimal soil disturbance and we use our small family of pigs to prepare new ground.

How do I get the veg?

You can opt to pick up your veg from one of our hubs, or we can arrange for delivery.  Collection from a hub has the advantage of allowing you to swap items with our “swaps box” and its more sociable!  We charge an additional £1.50 per box for delivery.

Collecting my veg from a veg hub…

Mondays from 4pm at our collection point in Glastonbury.

Fridays 4-6.30pm from the Barton Inn, Barton St David.

Saturdays 10am-1pm from The Bridge Bakery and Canteen, Langport.

Delivery of veg…

We also offer delivery on Monday evenings 4-6.30pm in Barton, Butleigh, Baltonsborough, West Bradley, West Pennard, Glastonbury, Street and surrounding villages.

Saturdays- delivery 9-10am in Keinton Mandeville, Kingweston, The Charltons, Somerton, and Langport.

How much does it cost?

We are a members’ organisation and we need to know who we are growing for, so we ask for a minimum intended commitment of 6 months, after your initial trial.  Monthly subscriptions are:

Standard, weekly box (average 8 items): £54 pcm  (£60.50 delivered)

Standard, fortnightly box (average 8 items: £27 pcm (£30.25 delivered)

Small weekly box (average 6 items): £41.00 pcm (£47.50 delivered)

Small fortnightly box (average 6 items): £20.50 pcm (£23.75 delivered)

We also offer a 6-month subscription as a one off payment 1st Oct-1st April/ 1st April-1st Oct:beetroot2

Standard, weekly box: £290 + £39 delivery

Standard, fortnightly box: £145 +£19.50 delivery

Small weekly box: £220 +£39 delivery

Small fortnightly box: £110 + £19.50 delivery

Can I Volunteer?

Yes!  We currently have 6 regular volunteers who help out on the farm.  As a “thank you”, we offer them some veg to take home.  This works well for people wanting a regular commitment- on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  We like folk to do a full morning  r afternoon’s work so that you can get stuck into the tasks.  Occasional volunteers are also welcome but please let us know you are coming.

For any other queries, please Contact Us.


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    1. Hi Heather,
      People who have a fortnightly box are very welcome to swap their collection weeks around so that they don’t miss out- for weekly share members, we ask that people find a friend to collect if they are just away from one week- if its longer than that we are happy for members to cancel 1 month’s standing order and restart. We are as flexible as we can be and often find personalised solutions if people are away or need a bit more flexibility.


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