Share Offer Success!

Our Community Share Offer has raised a whopping £25,000- that’s the maximum investment we sought, and not the result we were expecting earlier in the week!  Thanks for being part of a very successful Community Share Offer that is a massive boost, and show of support to Plotgate CSA in its beginnings.  We feel it is also a strong endorsement of the CSA movement and the concept of Community Supported Agriculture.  We strongly believe that this is the best way to source your supper, and now we have the chance to share and grow our garden.

We had the support of 49 investments, some made by individuals, some jointly.  37 of these were from local people, and the remaining 12 were friends, family, friends of family and family of friends!

Humbled, overwhelmed and full of gratitude,

Your Plotgate CSA Team x



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