Let the vegetables begin!

We will begin supplying vegetable boxes from 24th June, 2016- Hooray!


We will start by offering our standard box only which is home to an average of 8 different types of veg- at very lean times this may drop, and you will also share in the abundance of the seasonal gluts!  We will monitor demand for larger or smaller boxes and we are happy to do fortnightly boxes too.


The box is priced at £12 per week, and we ask people to commit for a minimum of 6 months- this is a members’ organisation and CSAs are based around the central idea of giving the growers a reliable and predictable income.  There are of course, always reasons why this isn’t possible and we ask for a notice period of 1 month, if you do need to cancel your subscription.

We would like people to pay by Standing Order- this makes keeping track of things a whole lot easier.  This works out as £51.60 per calendar month, or £25.80 per month for fortnightly boxes.


Collection will be from The Barton Inn skittle alley (behind the pub) on Fridays from 2-7pm.

Once established, we will organise a Glastonbury collection point, probably for a Monday evening.

Please bring a box and a couple of bags – you will have the thrill of weighing out and packing your share of the harvest.


We have a membership fee of either £30, £15 or £1 per year, depending on what you would like to contribute.  Social Investors (i.e. if you invested in our Share Offer or Crowdfunder) are already members, so do not need to join again!  Membership fees are used to fund social activities and events.

How are the vegetables grown?

We do not use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or anything of that nature, and use mostly Organically Certified, or locally grown inputs (composts, manure, seed etc.)  Our gates are open and we are always happy to answer questions about production, aiming to be as transparent as possible.

Our growing plan entails growing all of the fresh produce at Plotgate, however, we will be buying in some of the stored veg for winter boxes e.g. potatoes, onions and carrots, depending on how our supplies last.  If we buy in a box item, we will make this clear and give info about where it has come from.  Our aim is to buy in from local, Organic producers whenever possibly.


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