First veg boxes are out!

IMG_20160624_141453 IMG_20160624_110806

We opened at 2pm on Friday for people to collect their veg shares from the Barton Inn skittle alley- what a great space to be able to use- many thanks to Sharon and John at The Barton Inn.  Our first customers of the day were banging on the door at 1.45pm, and at 2pm sharp Jane was help them out with some freshly picked items.

All the the produce was harvested on Friday morning and delivered straight to the Barton Inn- it doesn’t get fresher than that!  People collected their veg shares, which were quite enormous this week due to us putting back the start date, and therefore having an abundance of vegetables that needed harvesting to prevent them becoming oversized!  We hope we haven’t overwhelmed people -next week will be smaller, promise.

Here are the first of our potatoes coming out of the ground- buried treasure!

We are still taking veg share sign-ups- please be in touch via email ( or tel: 07817 608283.

We will also have additional veg for sale on a Friday, so do come along and see what have on offer.


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