December at Plotgate

Although a more restful month, as our work rate slows to keep pace with the vegetable growth, and the longer evenings leave more time for good food and good sleep, we have been busy planting the last of the garlic, mulching, and turning our attention to more of the indoor jobs (accounts, crop planning, lease agreement) that get neglected in the hazy summer months, when jobs in the garden always feel more urgent, and more appealing!  We have also been making merry, with holly wreaths, winter activity days and next week, our Solstice supper.

A sunny Wednesday provided the perfect opportunity for getting the third of our tunnels covered.  I can’t believe how smoothly it went- must be all the practice.  It’s very reassuring to know that it’s nearly ready for an early start in the spring, with just the beds to establish.  Three down, one more to go!

The pressure of developing our infrastructure while keeping on top of the growing, has been a challenge this year, and as always, we were pretty ambitious with our targets.  But amazing to think that the reservoir, the tunnels and the gardens are here now, to stay, as an abundant and sustainable space capable of feeding so many of the local folk who have nurtured the project through its infancy.

Polytunnel 3 gets a skin

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