May Open Day

We opened our gates to all on a rather drizzly 20th May.  Jane was on hand all morning providing top tips and guidance on plant raising and propagation techniques, simultaneously getting valuable jobs done with her participants.


The greenhouse was the warmest and driest place on the farm for some parts of the day, so people pottered and potted and the plants were well tended.

Dan conducted a few site tours over the course of the day, explaining the details of his design ideas and process as he valiantly continues to create a very beautiful and functional growing space that is able to deliver water, warmth and weed control to areas when they are needed.  Some visitors were less interested in the details of Dan’s tour, and keen to get on with the real work of the day.


Our volunteer cooks did a fabulous job of feeding everyone, and as we crammed into the barn for shelter, people took time to complete feedback forms and to discuss the tricky task that societies such as ours have of trying to record our social impact.  This is a project we have been working on with Coventry University and everyone is encouraged to complete the survey (link below).


The afternoon featured a very interesting think and chat about seasonal eating, where we were keen to share reflections.  Why is seasonal eating considered good?  Is it about more than low-food miles and reducing carbon?  How far should we go in extending the season, and what is the repertoire of tricks that growers have for doing this?   How is seasonal eating connected to our culture, and does this understanding matter?  Just as we were finishing, the sun came out and we were all able to experience first-hand the effectiveness of the poly tunnel we had located ourselves in, at capturing the suns energy, and coats were soon removed for the first time that day!




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