A Super Healthy New Year Offer!

Plotgate Community Farm is celebrating its 2nd birthday with a very special offer!   So if eating more fresh, seasonal, naturally grown veg was on your list of resolutions, here’s how to start..6 months of fortnightly veg boxes with a massive discount!

Here’s the deal…

  • Sign up as a member in January or February for a fortnightly box of fresh, seasonal, locally and naturally grown veg.  Fortnightly boxes are very popular as they allow for flexibility if you need to make changes to your collection day or are away on holiday.
  • Pay up front for the first 6 months at the discounted price of £120 (normally £154.80)
  • You’ll be entered in to a prize to receive the following 6 months of your veg share completely FREE!
  • This offer is available to new veg share customers only
  • Your veg share needs to be collected either Mondays 3.30-6.30pm Hundred Monkeys Cafe, High Street Glastonbury or Fridays 4-7pm from the Barton Inn, Barton St David. veg_box.jpg

Plotgate CSA is a community-owned farm, co-operatively run by its members, growing seasonal vegetables on a 9 acres site in Barton St David.


Plotgate CSA isn’t just about the produce. You can volunteer on the land, learn new skills and learn about sustainable food production too. This small, local farm encourages people to get on the land and make environmental and healthy choices about the food they eat whilst supporting Somerset’s local economy.

Give us a call 07817 608283 or email Amy plotgate.csa@gmail.com to get your healthy new year off to the right start.


4 thoughts on “A Super Healthy New Year Offer!

    1. Hi Annelise,
      The box contents are set each week on a rotation, but there is always a swaps box so that unwanted items can be exchanged- this will include additional shares of e.g. salads when they are available- this is one of the advantages of collecting from the Hundred Monkeys cafe or from the Barton Inn. On the whole, in the standard box we aim to have pots, carrots, onions and salad every week as the staples. At this time of the year, there is often 2 more rooty items (parsnips, swede, celeriac, beetroot) or squashes, a bag of leaves or two and a herby item or the like.


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