Growing Food, Community and Ecology

Plotgate CSA, like other Community Supported Agriculture projects all over the world, aims to be an exciting example of what a healthier food system can look like when communities come together to take back control of their food system.

Growing Food using agroecological principles to produce food that is fresh, seasonal, local and naturally grown.  We harvest most veg on the same day that we distribute it to our customers, and you can taste the freshness.  We can only manage this because we are small-scale and local.  We only grow what is in season, so we don’t artificially heat growing spaces or waste carbon on transport or big machinery.  We never use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers on our veg, the soil or anywhere on site.  Growing for our members means we have a stable and predictable income and our members get great veg, straight from the fields.


Growing Community Coming together to grow, eat and support the farm.  The more we share, the deeper our connections and our resilience, the more harmonious the world that we create.  Food brings folk together and we like nothing better than cooking up a fine feast for our members.



Growing Ecology and enhancing biodiversity alongside food production ensures a more resilient ecosystem that is better able to adapt to changes and survive adversity.  We need all the plants, insects, mammals and microbes (not just the ones we can eat).  Enhancing the ecology also gives us greater joy, and more birds, mammals, butterflies and insects to share our space with.



Healthy soil, means healthy plants, means healthy ecology, means healthy food, means healthy humans.